System Requirements

Here is a summary of the system requirements to run the HS Cloud Suite dashboard and app.

HS Cloud

Running your system requires any modern commercial  browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).   Because it is a web-based platform, it is operating system agnostic.  However, we recommend  Windows 10 or higher for smooth system functionality.  A minimum Internet Download speed of 7.5 Mbps required to adequately use the platform, though we recommend 20+ Mbps for optimal performance.

 HS Touch

For field work, HSTouch is available on both Windows tablet devices and Apple iPad.  For Windows tablet we recommend a Surface Pro, preferably version 6 or higher, running Windows 10 or higher.  For Apple iPad we recommend iPad Pro running the latest iOS version (at this time, 13.1), though the HSTouch will run on any 4th generation iPad running iOS version 11 or higher.


For optimal performance on both HS Cloud and HS Touch, it is recommend that any Windows based hardware have a minimum of 8GB of RAM and at least 10GB of disk space.  However, 4GB of RAM and 1GB of hard drive space will adequately allow both HS Cloud and HS Touch to properly run.  We recommend 32GB or more of space on Apple iPad